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EQ stands for Equanimity -- the discipline of maintaining one’s calm, composure, and evenness of temper, especially when facing difficult, uncertain, and challenging situations. Equanimity allows us to balance emotions and basic human instincts with logic and reason helping us make better financial decisions.

At EQ we believe in an old nautical expression – “Keep an even keel, and your hands on the wheel.” We don’t let bad times get us or our clients down, and we don’t let good times sow overconfidence and complacency. Currents can shift unexpectedly and we stay vigilant and ready to provide sound financial guidance to our clients in all conditions.

Sean  Khaligh

Sean Khaligh, CFP®

Founder & Managing Director | Wealth Advisor


Peter  Haroun

Peter Haroun, CFP®

Wealth Advisor│Managing Director of Investments


Personal Communication

Many financial firms emphasize technology, automation and artificial intelligence in delivering their services with their advisors playing a diminished role. Of course, EQ utilizes Fin-Tech to increase efficiency and productivity; however, we believe that personal communication is the one true differentiator in our industry and the cornerstone of all successful relationships.

Fiduciary Standards

The investment and wealth management professionals at EQ are highly educated and credentialed. We are committed to advanced training and on-going professional development. Our experience has ingrained in each of us the importance of combining competence with compassion, and exercising our judgment with care, skill, and caution. Our advice is independent and cost-effective.

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