Ethics & Guiding Principles

Client Centered

Clients place their trust in us. In return we act on their behalf pursuant to a fiduciary standard of conduct – always serving our clients’ best interests.

The principles-based fiduciary standards to which we abide emanate from the Duty of Loyalty (to serve and preserve our clients’ best interests) and the Duty of Care (to apply professional skill and prudence in all endeavors on their behalf). The duties are found in federal and state laws and regulations and in codes of professional ethics.

We also hold ourselves personally accountable and we will speak up if something is not right even if it means challenging authority. We will finish what we start no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. If something is worth doing, we will do it well. We will listen more and talk less, however, when we talk our word is our bond. And we believe in practicing the “Platinum Rule” – treating our clients how they want to be treated.