Our Process

Personal Communication

Contrary to how many financial firms are delivering their services with increased emphasis on technology, automation, artificial intelligence, and a diminished role for their advisors, we remain steadfast in honoring and strengthening the value of personal relationships with our clients.

Of course, we utilize innovative technology and automation to increase efficiency and productivity; however, the one true differentiator in financial services is personal communication, the cornerstone of all successful relationships. That is something no robo-advisor can emulate, and sadly which too many financial advisors deem unimportant.


Discussions about money – whether between spouses; parents and their children; adult children and aging parents; business partners and employees; and between people and their financial advisors – can be difficult. Talking about money can be complicated, embarrassing, and messy. The messages sent can be unclear, judgmental, or misinterpreted.

That is why our goals-based financial planning process always begins with humble inquiry, not an interrogation. We are sincerely and genuinely interested in our clients. Understanding each client’s unique situation – their feelings, emotions, and perspectives – is a critical starting point to rendering sound financial advice and counsel.

Our clients will always find a safe, empathetic, confidential listening space in our offices and in every interaction.


With our clients’ permission, we work closely with their other professional advisors – estate planning and legal counsel; tax and accounting specialists; insurance representatives; and healthcare providers. Drawing upon the expertise and experience of these individuals, and sharing ours, fosters the development and implementation of creative and effective solutions and strategies to complex financial problems.

We are also pleased to provide clients with a select list of professional service providers for their consideration and; if requested, we will assist them in the interview and selection process.