Redefining Retirement

Client Centered

Traditional retirement planning focuses on securing a stream of income enabling people to enjoy retirement without the worry of exhausting their financial resources. However, money is not the only asset upon which to focus. There is another asset that deserves attention – it is precious, it is abundant (until it is not), and too often it takes a backseat to money, when it should be riding side-by-side. We are referring, of course, to time.

Retirement is one of life’s great transitions and today it spans a longer period of time than any generation has ever experienced. We believe the optimal retirement experience requires prudent investment and wealth planning that complements each client’s retirement life plan.

Planning and managing your time go together with planning and managing your money. Retired doesn’t mean you’re expired. Perhaps you want to work or try something new. What will that look like? Maybe work will take a form of volunteerism, contributing a few hours a week, or going all-in pursuing a heart-stirring cause? How and where and with whom will you spend your leisure time? Where will you live; where would you like to live; where should you live? What is the legacy you want to leave and the values you would like to impart on the people you care about?

Just as an investment portfolio is rebalanced periodically, you will be rebalancing and reallocating the way you spend and enjoy your time. We are there for our clients throughout their great retirement journeys at the confluence of money and time wisely invested.