Client Centered

There is no higher compliment to our work than to receive a referral from a valued client. However, the act of suggesting to a friend, business associate or family member the benefit they may derive from meeting with us requires complete confidence in the interest, respect, and professionalism we will accord the individual being referred to us. We promise to conduct ourselves in the same manner as we conduct ourselves for you.

We will listen with genuine curiosity and interest to learn about their current situation, their past experiences, their goals for the future and what may be getting in the way. We will explain what we do, how we do it and why it matters in a clear and concise manner, however we will never try to “sell” them on EQ.

We will be patient, thorough and we will never disclose anything about our relationship with you without your express permission.

Our practice has flourished thanks in large part to referrals from our clients. We will always do our best to make a place for your referral, however, we will continue to closely manage the size of our practice to ensure that we never compromise our standards and level of service.