Peter  Haroun, CFP®

Peter Haroun, CFP®

Wealth Advisor│Managing Director of Investments

It is my honor and privilege to help a select group of clients towards building, managing, and protecting their wealth, and to be there for them during all the transitions they experience in their lives – planned and unplanned.

Transitions have played a formative role in my life of which I am very aware and grateful. My grandparents courageously left Egypt, their ancestral homeland to give our family the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. Their courage, perseverance, and optimism left an indelible impression on me to realize my potential and to do all that I can to help others realize theirs.

More recently, leaving what we believe to be the structured and often stifling confines of Big Finance ,my colleague, partner, and friend, Sean Khaligh, and I formed E Q to offer our clients a distinct alternative to corporate wealth management services.

I believe one size fits one size and that every client’s size is different and unique which is why listening plays such a critical role in my practice. Sound financial decision-making is a product of understanding my clients’ current situation, their past experiences, and their goals and objectives for the future, and then thoughtfully implementing solutions and strategies which balance reason and emotions. My advice is independent and personalized although I favor financial conservatism and always cost consciousness.

Only one thing that matters more to me than my clients – my family. They serve as constant reminders of the importance and impact of my work on my clients and their families -- now and for generations to come.