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Sean Khaligh, CFP®

Sean Khaligh, CFP®

Wealth Advisor│Founder & Managing Director

Sixteen years practicing investment and wealth management at Wells Fargo Advisors provided valuable experience, while causing me to realize that big firms are missing something critically important. So, in 2021, I founded EQ, an independent investment advisory firm. Our guiding principle is equanimity – maintaining a state of calmness and emotional control when making critical financial decisions under difficult, challenging, or uncertain conditions. It also means delivering advice with high EQ – the emotional quotient that balances IQ to foster better financial problem-solving and stronger relationships. EQ also represents equity – not just in the traditional sense, but as it relates to making financial decisions: taking into account the unique circumstances of each client’s situation instead of being limited by a general set of rules. At EQ, we know that one size only truly fits one size, which is why we custom-fit our advice for each client.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from California State University, Long Beach, an Master's in Business from Boston University to prepare me for a career helping people build, manage, and protect their wealth – seizing the opportunities and overcoming the obstacles that come during life’s transitions, planned and unplanned.

As a Certified Financial Planner Professional, CFP®, I have completed extensive training and examination in financial planning; investment management; retirement savings and income strategies; risk management and insurance planning; estate planning; and professional responsibility. Moreover, I have sworn to uphold the principles of integrity, objectivity, competency, fairness, and confidentiality in all interactions with my clients.