Transitions, Emotions & Money

Client Centered

Life is a story, and each client is the hero in their story. We are servants, at our clients’ side through good and bad, thick, and thin, helping them write each chapter, overcoming adversity, finding meaning and purpose, and making the world a better place.

Even with our goals-based planning process, the best laid plans can still go awry. Throughout life’s journey we face unexpected changes – some bring unanticipated good fortune and joy while others bring setbacks and loss. Life’s transitions, planned and especially unplanned are often accompanied by uncertainty, stress, and self-doubt.

These emotions can give rise to hasty decision-making on one hand or procrastination and regret on the other. Considering the different transitions that each individual, their spouse, and family members experience often in close proximity, makes for a lot of change taking place all around us.

That is why we believe so deeply in our guiding principle of EQuanimity – maintaining a state of calmness and emotional control when making critical financial decisions under difficult, challenging, or uncertain conditions. Delivering advice with high EQ – the emotional quotient that balances IQ -- fosters better financial problem-solving and builds stronger relationships. EQ is also about equity – not just in the traditional sense, but as it relates to taking into account the unique circumstances of each client’s situation instead of being limited by a general set of rules. At EQ, one size fits one size which is why our advice is always custom fitted for each client.

We will always be there for our clients. While we love celebrating and honoring our clients’ successes and achievements, we know our most important role is helping our clients navigate those transitions that adhere to no plan or timetable.